Miles Khan | Portfolio ‘18

Make Design Meet Art Ltd

Make Design Meet Art is a brand I created based around artwork I made in my spare time. After leaving advertising I got into freelance work while simultaneously producing screen prints themed around counter culture and consumerism which manifested itself as a pill. The idea grew and after several years of increasing sales Make Design Meet Art Ltd was born.

Developing the ‘Pill’ concept gave me the perfect platform for me to combine my love for screen printing and growing hostility toward narcissistic, mass brand consumerism. Using compound graphics and the visual language of medicine the ‘pill’ has since grown into a marque that stands for and supports counter-culture.

The concept behind the initial pill idea is very simple; using the Louis Vuitton brand as a vessel to communicate luxury, it can be said that we consume designer brands in order to feed our self-esteem/ego. I felt, after lots of refinement, that I had managed to combine my love for conceptual art with beautifully simple graphics, influenced by the works of Mr Penfold, Sir Michael Craig Martin and Anthony Burrill.

The Pill eventually found a home on the streets of London where I would paste-up screenprints and do murals, gaining noteriety among street art bloggers, artists and galleries, it was from there that it started to find its way into clothing and fashion. Three years later and my name as artist has now become a self sustaining brand supporting counter culture, finding a place among the contemporary arts market.

In my own time I continue to develop and evolve my aesthetic by abstracting the form of the pill, playing with different compound shapes, utilising the style giving it the propencity to have different functions. By keeping my aesthetic familiar and cohesive I can create new work that isn’t just a pill, but still familiar and recognisable with the distinctive use of chunky strokes and compound shapes.