Miles Khan | Portfolio ‘18

Proffesional background

Pior to my degree in graphic design I worked as a CAD kitchen designer and kitchen fitter for three years following my A-levels up till 2011

Being able to visualise spaces, draw it, work to mathematical precision and then bring idea’s to life with style in both the digital world and the real world, I had a natural ability to manifest concepts from nothing, see projects through from start to finish efficiently and exhibited natural problem solving skills in order to meet deadlines and plan for unforseen circumstances.

Determined to persue a career in Graphics I got a bootleg copy of Photoshop and Corel Draw (don’t give me that look, we all did it) and through countless Youtube tutorials, I taught myself how to use it and make a portfolio for myself in order to apply to Art Schools.

When returning to study a BaHons in Graphic Design as a mature student, in the three years of my time at Croydon School of Art, I simultaneously worked my way up from Salesperson to Assistant Manager and Visual Merchandiser for ALDO boasting awards for best presented store, best dressed staff and highest earning store throughout the Christmas Period 2012, where alas I left to prioritise my final honours project up till 2013

Attaining my BaHons with distinction and awarded for outstanding achievement, my first role post graduation was as artworker and digital print technician for Croydon School of Art, where several months in, a volountary role for Curator of their Parfitt Gallery opened up which I jumped at the opportunity of filling.
I was profficient in speaking, delivering and executing workshops in printmaking and teaching the basic understandings of the Adobe packages to multiple discipline classes, fashion, fineart, film and graphics.

From there I became both curator and the sole, head designer of the
college, working alongside the marketing team covering all departments for several years, designing everything from their prospectus, newspaper ads, wayfinding, end of year shows, billboards, presentations and banners up till 2015

Now armed with a fountain of knowledge in technical design skills, processes, time management and artworking to various volumes and scales I left to persue a contract at advertising agency ‘The Gate’. Here I worked alongside the Creative Director in re-freshing their existing branding to reflect a contemporary, vibrant, multidisciplinary agency, where I stayed there working, designing on other accounts up till 2016

After this insightful, sweet but short stay in advertising I found that what was just a hobby in my artwork started picking up momentum, sales were coming through, I was attaining several freelance design jobs and commissions. Having finished the contract I seized the opportunity to go solo and start my own brand, fulfilling screenprints, working with galleries and providing freelance design work.

Needing to maintain a sustainable income, I took part-time employment at Pure Evil Gallery where I am now curator and manage one of (now) three galleries. I oversee all operations including display’s, photography, marketing, fulfillment, logistics, hanging of all the work made as well as maintenance of the websites front end and backend up till present