Miles Khan | Portfolio ‘18

Croydon College/
School of Art/

In-house designer and Marketing
Further to my role as print technician at the School of Art I became the sole designer of the marketing team for Croydon’s entire academic institution. I designed all material for Croydon College, The University Centre Croydon and Croydon’s school of Art. With little prior experience in a design studio, I hit the ground running where my skills and technical abilities significantly grew over a short period of time. With fairly freqeunt short deadlines there was often little-to-no margin for error in the design work, I was the art director, designer, marketer and artworker.

I designed everything from vinyl banners to web banners, newspaper ad’s to telephone boxes and bus wraps. Working for Croydon gave me a great opportunity to work to various scales and allowed me control to see the branding manifest itself in a variety of ways.

Whilst designing some wayfinding and signage, I had noticed there was no relationship between the pictograms we were using and the branding we were implementing. So inspired by the ‘C’ logo for Croydon College, which is comprised of one continous line and no break, I decided to start manufacturing our own set of icons that followed the same principle. These marks were then used in signs, posters and print throughout all the institutions.