Miles Khan | Portfolio ‘18

Artist Bio

Throughout my degree and further to graduating, I spent a lot of time outside of my design career, screen printing and creating my own artwork which has flourished and grown to become my own brand operating under my name at Miles From a hobby I have watched my artwork manifest itself as screen prints, canvases, digital art, fashion and street art. I have grown from a sketch book into well renowned galleries, expanding organically.

Throughout my academic years I would always be drawing, tagging and graffing in my workbooks, illustrating and doodling, these rudimentary art forms later evolved and found a place in my creative career, graffiti became typography, I discovered how to create type as image and became profficient in calligraphy and artisanal type setting. My rough doodles turned into a love for Manga style illustrations, where I began combining Japanese type with character design, screen print and graffiti. My art and design found inspiration from people such as Takashi Murukami, HUSH and the Designers Republic.

I am drawn to beauty in the mundane and innocuous objects, with an affinity for brutalist architecture and modernism, I like to challenge perception and see how far I can push the limits of creation for something that would otherwise seem simple or innocent.
With a passion for printmaking (mainly screen printing and etching) I grew so fond of it I engineered a printing press at home where I experiment with different mediums and surfaces to print on, frequently taking it with me and using it to for live screen printing at numerous shows and exhibitions.